Sheena Oxer

Sheena Oxer

I believe that every person has the right to a peaceful and happy life and be set free

This sounds like mindfulness

Every person is searching for peace. Some are aware of it more than others. I was acutely aware of my search and the emotional pain that I was in.

Some of the time when I am describing what I do in my facilitation of others, I get the response ‘that sounds like mindfulness’ or ‘that sounds like Buddhism.’ It might, the vocabulary we use might sound the same but this is entirely different. I am sure what we are attempting to describe is the same, however with mindfulness and Buddhism I always here something to do:

Let go

Allow and accept

Be in the moment

Sit quietly

Observe your thoughts

Detach from your thoughts

If I am asked to do something and I can’t I then see it as a problem. Then it becomes something that I need to fix and I search for something outside of myself to try to fix it.

However, what I do is I educate others about how they are already working, how they are experiencing life. It is a description, not an instruction of what to do. In my experience, when clients see that they are already working beautifully, they automatically become more in the moment, they become more accepting of all their emotions. I say educate as we already know this and all I am doing is reminding. The word Educate comes from the Latin word Educaris, to bring out (from within). The client sees from within themselves that this is true through insight. As this is insightfully remembered there is nothing to do as such. We just get interested in one thing: Where do I think my feelings are coming from? If I think that they are coming from my child, my messy house, my husband, my work or something stressful that happened an hour ago, then I am innocently misunderstanding my experience of life. I can only feel what I am thinking right now. This knowing through insight brings me into the present moment as it is the only place I can truly experience life.

There is of course nothing wrong with mindfulness or Buddhism. But it is useful to know that this is different. That even though you may have tried the others and they didn’t ‘work’ for you, there is still something different to try. There is hope.

We can have an insight reading a cereal packet, in the same way someone can have an insight in a relaxation class, or through mindfulness, but it is through the insight that we really change. So I am not saying that this works for everyone (even though we all work in the same way). What I am saying is that we all follow our own unique paths in our search for peace. For me, this understanding was an entirely different path to peace than mindfulness and Buddhism, as I didn’t get insight through those.

Since understanding how my mind works, that I can only ever experience thought in the moment, I have found a peace of mind I didn’t know was available to me. Without meditating and without learning the Dharma.

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