Sheena Oxer

Sheena Oxer

I believe that every person has the right to a peaceful and happy life and be set free

This helps me and could help you

I was asked recently how the understanding is helping me with this current situation (That being: we are in lockdown due to a coronavirus spreading worldwide).

This was my response…

I only have one place to look to for all my feelings.

I am not feeling isolated.

I have all the mental health I need right here.

I know that there is nothing I need to change to feel better.

I know that my sense of security doesn’t come from something out there,
like if I can get the things we need to eat, or from knowing what is
going to happen in the future, but from within me.

I know that whatever happens to me, my parents, or my children – I will be OK.

I see how resilient and creative I am and we all are.

I know that it is normal to feel all emotions and they have no meaning for me, other than to be felt and pass through.

I know that I am not in control of life, life is in control.

I see a lot of people chasing their mental health, doing exercise to
make themselves feel better, doing mindfulness or art. I do exercise
because I want to, but I don’t expect it to make me feel better, I feel
differently in different moments due to different thoughts coming to me.
I create things because I want to, and not because I think it is going
to keep me mentally healthy. I reach out to others because I like to,
not because without it I will feel isolated and lonely.

As soon
as we think we need to ‘do’ something to feel mentally healthy, we are
missing the fact that we are already healthy and that in itself causes
the problems. By understanding myself psychologically life changes for

I am so so grateful to know this about myself, without it I
would be feeling lonely, isolated and depressed. I would feel that I
would need to change myself and what I am doing to feel better. I would
be feeling immense sadness for me, my children, my relationships with
friends. More than that, the sadness would be a problem for me and I
would be wanting to change it, to move away from it, to feel
differently. I would be feeling grief and that grief would be a problem,
something that I would need to process or change in order to feel
better. With this understanding all emotions are welcome, all are energy
passing through. None mean anything more than a feeling coming with a
thought… right now. I only have right now to live life…

I wonder if this answer makes sense to you, or touches you? Are you curious?

If you have any questions please call or email me to ask. I would be more than happy to answer them.

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