Sheena Oxer

Sheena Oxer

I believe that every person has the right to a peaceful and happy life and be set free


Have you been anxious for much of your life? Did you get messages when you were growing up that this was a problem? That there was something wrong with you. That you were broken in some way.

Did those around you say:

‘Why are you anxious?’,

‘What are you anxious about?’

‘Don’t worry so much’

‘You have nothing to worry about’

‘Stop worrying’.

Did these innocent and well-meaning comments leave you feeling worse? that there was even more of a problem because you couldn’t stop being anxious?

Have you been trying to fix this?

Here is your solution.

You are feeling anxious because you are having an anxious thought. Full stop.

There is nothing to do about that. Thoughts change and the feeling that comes with them changes too.

There is, in fact, nothing to fix. You aren’t broken. You don’t need to look into your past to see why you are feeling anxious. The only time you can feel anxious is right now as right now is the only time you can think anxious thoughts.

The only thing our feelings are telling us is what we are thinking, and thinking can only happen in this moment.

If you feel anxious and think that you shouldn’t be feeling that feeling, it becomes a problem and you spend a lot of time and effort trying to not feel that feeling. But to try and think yourself out of it doesn’t make sense.

If you feel anxious and know that the only way you can feel anxious is because you are having an anxious thought then it isn’t a problem. You are left with a feeling that maybe doesn’t feel great but the more you judge this as being a problem the more thinking you will have around it. Trying to think yourself out of a thought problem will become confusing. And if you can’t think yourself out of it you will have failed.

Anxiety= anxious thought coming to you in this moment, full stop

When you insightfully see that as true there is no failure, there is a knowing how that feeling is being created. There is nothing to do. You can rest in the moment.

Of course, you can substitute Anxiety with any emotion that we feel and judge as negative and want to move away from. Worry, fear, anger, churning things over.