Sheena Oxer

Sheena Oxer

I believe that every person has the right to a peaceful and happy life and be set free

For Individuals

Are you stressed at work or overwhelmed with life generally?

Do you want a break, to get away from it all?

Imagine a life where you can feel at ease with what is going on around you. Where you don’t get involved in the office politics and can just get on with the work. Where you see your children so differently that you can understand why they are calling you names. And rather than getting angry with them, you creatively think of ways you can be with them through their difficult situation.

When we understand where our feelings about our situation are coming from, we see life in a totally different way. We have the capacity to view from a place that would have seemed unreachable to us.

Feel more calm about life.

Learn why you are stressed about life.

Learn why whenever you change your situation you always end up in the same place emotionally.

This is the effortless way of reaching that mental state you have been looking for.

Please call or email me to arrange to talk, I offer a free half an hour chat so that you can see if you are interested in hearing more.

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One to one

This could be the life changing thing you are looking for. To find out that we are not broken and don’t need fixing is liberating..

Immersion days

The best format to learn about this quickly and intensively or deepen understanding, in person or online: one to one or couples.


I co-run an in person ‘meetup’, online group discussions and online courses. Click here for more information.