Sheena Oxer

Sheena Oxer

I believe that every person has the right to a peaceful and happy life and be set free

About the Understanding

This logic, when seen insightfully as true, has the power to change how we view ourselves and our lives. It simplifies our lives and brings us naturally into this moment as being the only logical place we can ever be.

It does this without adding anything to our to do list. It is a description of how we are working already, we are reminded that the only way we can experience life is via thought and feeling coming together in this moment.

Through knowing how we work psychologically we effortlessly fall into being more clear, feeling the connection that has always existed, with an absolute knowing that there is a sense of order behind how we are experiencing life. This automatically leaves us feeling more relaxed, calm and secure without the need to do anything.

This is so different to how we think we work. We think that we need to do something to achieve this, but when we see it is not logical we are left feeling clear. When we start to have insight, we can gain so much more:


When we feel muddled or complicated we do things to feel clear again, for example: mindfulness, listening to music, meditation. We have a drink or medicate so that we can blot out how we feel. When we understand how we are already experiencing life the confusion is seen for what it really is, an innocent misunderstanding. Through insight the clarity is revealed to us.


When we feel detached from life we try to feel connection by going into nature, gardening or doing physical exercise. When we insightfully see the role of thought the connection that is already there is revealed to us and the sense of separation is seen as an illusion.


Sense of order

We experience chaos within and we get busy trying to control our environment via cleaning, controlling our relationships/work/children, and adding more to our ‘To do’ list. When we see how we are working psycholocically we feel like we are a part of nature, there are natural laws and we see that we are part of the logic behind that.

Absolute knowing

We search outside of ourselves for things to fix our problems. Trying different therapies, reading books, going on courses, trying to be a better person. Spending a lot of money on courses etc. When we see the logic behind life we see that we don’t need fixing, that we are, and have always been, working beautifully. This is seen insightfully, so we see it for ourselves as being true for us. As such it becomes an absolute knowing as opposed to what someone has told us.


In order to feel relaxed we might go on holiday, or away for the weekend. We spend a lot of money thinking that when I get there I will feel relaxed and life will be better. With this understanding, via insight, a relaxedness comes over us from knowing that there is only one place to look for how we are experiencing life.


We feel agitated and search for calm by doing something like meditating, having a bath, reading, watching TV, or smoking. This knowledge of how we experience life uncovers the calmness that is who we really are. A deep peace is seen to be there before anything else. 



When we feel insecure we do all manner of things to try to make ourselves feel secure. We search for a loving relationship or for approval. We look to be liked and accepted and we are always wondering what people are thinking about us. When we absolutely know that we cannot work in another way, we have a sense of coming home to who we really are. This gives us the security we have been looking for and we stop searching outside of ourselves for what we already have.

There is nothing wrong with doing any of these things. What I describe is how we can experience life at all. We can still do these things but we won’t be expecting it to fix us or make us feel better because we know how we are working and feel secure with an absolute knowing of how we are experiencing life.

This is not a therapy, it is a conversation, one that can have far reaching consequences. 

If what you have read is of interest to you or are curious and would like to find out more then please do give me a call for a free half an hour chat.